Let us help you get digitalized.

Advanced invoice management

  • Capture, digitalize and transform all kinds of invoices.
  • Quality control and automation with our verification service.
  • Convert PDF to EHF.

Automatic Information Capture

  • Custom clearance: Automatic data extraction.
  • Working for both transportation and transport terminals.
  • Industrial material certificates.

Other services
and software

  • Digitalize all of your documents through our software.
  • Client application for document processing (Scan & OCR).
  • Management and development.

Automatic Data Capture

  • OCR and extraction of data from scanned and/or imported invoices (PDF, images, documents, XML etc).
  • Extract all invoice data along with complete customer and supplier information.
  • Best in class line-item extraction. Extract large number of complex line-items automatically.

Automatic Information Capture

  • Customs Clearance: Use Navitro service for extracting - customs data, achieve high efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Industrial Material Certificates: Extract certificate data fast and automatically.
  • Transport Terminals: digitalize and extract data from loading, unloading lists etc. Compatible with MyMo.

Services and software

  • Digitalize all your documents - scanned or electronic - Advanced document processing solutions.
  • Verification Serice - Let us verify and quality check your documents to achieve effieciency and automation.
  • Acquire our software application to do local scanning, OCR and advanced document processing.